Pablo The Dog makes fresh, delicious, wholesome food for your precious pups, by hand.
Using canine nutritionist recipes + human-grade ingredients + whole foods we create meals that meet your dog’s needs…
and are easy and convenient to feed.
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Garbage-In, Garbage-Out. 2 Rover needs real food, too.

MuttBalls have no by-products, meat meals, added chemicals, preservatives or artificial colours/flavours. What goes in, must come out. Learn more: Garbage In, Garbage Out.

3 Enthusiastic eating.

Transform your dog’s relationship with mealtime… and improve his/her gastrointestinal health in the process!

Pablo was a real dog, and the inspiration behind our company. When we rescued Pablo, he needed physical and emotional nurturing and nourishing. We started to ask ourselves why we’d feed any member of our family a 100% processed diet. The “dog food” we found at pet stores was de-natured and full of by-products and preservatives.

So… we took matters into our own hands and went all Julia Childs on Pablo’s diet. Many mutt-speriments later, we had the A-OK from a canine nutritionist on recipes that incorporated:

human-grade meats fruits and veggies whole grains + vitamins and minerals
... truly well-rounded meals in a round form.

And it worked. Pablo loved his food and lived years longer than his vets predicted after undergoing major surgery. These were years we probably would not have had, had he been eating traditional “dog food”.

We deliver truly natural meals, supplements or snacks that give your dog more enjoyment and a better quality of life. But don’t take our word for it… Get Rollin’ or try our Taste Trial today!

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Phone : (416) 205-9393

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550 Bayview Ave. Toronto, ON
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Phone : (416) 596-0404

1035 Coxwell Ave. Toronto, ON
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West End Food Coop
1229 Queen St. West Toronto, ON
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Pet Social
11 Fort York Blvd. Toronto, ON
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Phone : (647) 748-7387

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22 Bathurst St. Toronto ON
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Phone : (416) 366-PETS (7387)

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